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Who We Are
Selfient. Smart Contract Maker.
Selfient is a market-leading EVM blockchain technology company providing tools for people worldwide to access the decentralized web.
Founded in 2020, Selfient is dedicated to harnessing the power of the Web3 ecosystem. Driven by our innovative instincts, we strive to unlock unprecedented potential, aiming to significantly improve the future. With our revolutionary SEA Wizard utility, a user-friendly, no-code Smart Contract creation tool, we have simplified smart contract creation, putting the power of Web3 in your hands.
Our platform reduces the complex coding behind smart contracts to just their terms and conditions.  When complete, with terms and conditions agreed to and signed, the contract is executed and deployed on the Polygon Network, and funds automatically move from crypto wallet to crypto wallet seamlessly, according to the contract terms and timeframe.
This is a huge step forward in eliminating the barriers to entry into the Web3 cryptocurrency world.
These smart contracts can be anything imagined that can be legally contracted in the jurisdictions of the contracting parties, and can be as small as purchasing a kitten to as large as a complex enterprise project with concrete milestones.
At Selfient, we’re disrupting transactions that have relied on intermediaries, and replacing them with the transparency and immutability of a peer to peer smart contract, written on Polygon, settled on Ethereum.  We can streamline payments, and provide a secure, efficient platform for those seeking a Web3-powered future. With us, you're in control, every step of the way. Welcome to the future of contracting, with Selfient.
We are passionate about helping people around the world to contribute to the Web3 Ethereum protocol and to enhance its scalability.
At Selfient, we believe that every individual deserves mastery over their lives and their work product.  We all count.  We all matter.  We all want our work to be transformative.  We all have a role in creating a more just, trustworthy, and equitable world.
We are proud to be doing our part in helping you do yours.

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Who We Are
Meet Our Team
David Pollard

The moment in my life that defines my career and life was in 1993, when my fiancé at the time, and now CIO of this enterprise, saved me from near homelessness and certain poverty.  Helen pulled up to the unheated home I was occupying and told me to grab a few things and we are moving you to Boston.

That decision became the basis and launch pad for the incredible life I have enjoyed since.  The lovely Mrs. Pollard and I have been blessed to raise a family together as well as to launch several important companies along the way.

Within a few months of moving myself and a duffle bag to Boston, I was lucky enough to land an entry level recruiting job, and the rest is history.  I fell in love with Talent as the core of a business and approach to life.  Talent runs companies and I wanted to be in the business of leveraging Talent to build successful businesses.

After a two-year apprenticeship as a Recruiter, I caught the break of a lifetime by landing a VP level job at the leading company in the skyrocketing Software Services business.  Keane, now NTT Data, gave me the opportunity to come aboard when they were a $200MM company, and I was on the team that took them to $1.2B within five years. What a ride.

From that experience, we launched TalentFusion, the first Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) company of its kind and rode that through two serious economic downturns and then successfully exited by selling to Monster.com in 2013.

We then helped a People Analytics company, PredictiveHR, get off the ground and enjoyed a successful exit from that business, while remaining a shareholder and executive consultant and partner to PHR.  PreditiveHR is a hugely successful and important player in the People Analytics space, and we enjoy our ongoing partnership.We now turn our attention to Web3.  I have believed for some time that Talent Management from Recruiting to Retirement needed an overhaul and Blockchain technology offers us that opportunity to rethink how hiring and Talent Management gets done in a Global Gig Economy world.

That is Selfient.

And Selfient is who I am.  I believe in the principles that Selfient is built upon.  Fair hiring practices that start to really break down traditional hiring biases.  Enabling companies of all sizes to leverage the Global Gig Economy and light that up using Crypto and Smart Contracts.  Personal privacy and Data Security are front and center in the Selfient eco-system.

Selfient is for the Masses.  No Code, Easy to Use Smart Contract Wizards with Crypto payment built right into the contracts will change the way hiring and services are procured and delivered.

This has been a great journey and Selfient is the next logical step in the adventure.

Hope you will come along for the ride.

Helen Sharron

Helen Sharron is the Chief Technology Officer and co-founder of Selfient; she brings over 20 years of experience managing large scale technology project installations at the intersection of technology and financial services.

She has worked in the capacity of Software Engineer and Technology Execution Manager at global investment companies including State Street Bank, Putnam Investments, and for the last seven years, as a Director of Technology/VP at BNYMellon.

Her fascination with crypto technologies and the blockchain led her to MIT, where she pursued her interest with classes in blockchain and crypto currencies.  It was made clear to her that the potential of these technologies needed to be harnessed for the greater good of people worldwide. In January 2023, Helen left the corporate world to pursue full time the Web3 blockchain world of possibilities.

She has been an integral part of the Selfient partnership since its inception, as we carved a niche in the space.  It has been our contention that in today’s corporate infrastructure, there are artificial barriers to entry and success that smooth and advance the career steps for some, and hold back others.  The Selfient roadmap aims to crush those barriers.

As well as her nearly 25 years of experience in financial technology management for global financial institutions, Helen also confounded and managed as COO/CIO a Recruitment Process Outsourcing firm, TalentFusion, that was sold to Monster.com in 2013.  TalentFusion, launched in 2001, had enormous success in the RPO field, and counted among its clients, Amazon, Nike, Tesla, SpaceX, BearingPoint, WellsFargo, Deloitte, Waste Management, Unisys, GSK, and many other top tier firms.  We established a worldwide presence with offices in Costa Rica, Spain, London, Boston, Denver, and Seattle.   To this day, TalentFusion remains the go to RPO firm for Amazon.

And yes, Helen and David are married, have been for 30 years, have three amazing children, and together, form a formidable partnership.


Geoff, holding the position of Business Analyst and Project Manager at Selfient with over 6 years of experience in the technology sector, has been an integral part of Selfient since its inception. Actively contributing to the development of strategies and best practices, Geoff has played a significant role in shaping Selfient into what it is today. Moreover, as an active participant in the Web3 space, Geoff is deeply engaged as both a professional and user. Actively using products and exploring new technologies, he brings hands-on experience and enthusiasm to the intersection of technology and decentralized ecosystems.

With a profound passion for technology, Geoff has developed a keen interest in Web3 and Crypto as compelling alternatives to fiat currencies and traditional web applications. This fascination stems from their decentralized nature, and Geoff envisions these technologies playing a transformative role in making the world a better place for all.

“The world is on the verge of transitioning to Web3 as it uncovers key features that not only enhance the ease of using the internet but also contribute to a safer, more secure, and accessible digital environment for all. This transformation signifies a shift in power dynamics, moving away from large companies and placing control in the hands of users through digital assets and data ownership.”

Joe Magly

Welcome to the innovative world of Joe Magly, a trailblazer in the Web3 development space. With a career that seamlessly blends technology, creativity, and a deep understanding of blockchain technology, Joe stands at the forefront of the digital revolution.

Joe's journey into Web3 development was sparked by a fascination with blockchain's potential to transform industries far beyond cryptocurrency. His academic and self-taught expertise in computer science laid a solid foundation for his venture into decentralized technologies. Joe's technical prowess is matched only by his passion for creating more transparent, secure, and user-centered digital experiences.

At OneOf, Joe played a pivotal role in developing blockchain-based solutions tailored for the music and entertainment industry. His work contributed significantly to democratizing access to digital assets, reducing environmental impact through energy-efficient technology, and opening new avenues for artist and fan engagement. Joe's contributions at OneOf exemplify his commitment to leveraging Web3 technologies to foster innovation and inclusivity.

Joe's skill set spans across smart contract development, DApp creation, and integrating blockchain technologies with traditional web infrastructures. He is proficient in Solidity, Ethereum, and a variety of other blockchain platforms and languages. Joe's ability to translate complex technical challenges into seamless, user-friendly solutions sets him apart in the fast-evolving Web3 domain.

Beyond his technical achievements, Joe is an avid participant in the Web3 community. He believes in the power of knowledge sharing and collaboration to drive the industry forward. Whether through speaking engagements, workshops, or online forums, Joe is dedicated to educating others about the potential and practical applications of blockchain technology.

Joe Magly is not just a developer; he is a visionary committed to shaping the future of the internet. As the digital landscape continues to evolve, Joe's innovative work and forward-thinking approach ensure he will remain at its cutting edge, making significant contributions to the Web3 ecosystem.