What is Selfient?
How do I get started with Selfient?
How does it work?
Where is the money stored?
What is the difference between a regular smart contract and an escrow smart contract?
What are the costs associated with using Selfient?
Who pays the fee?
What about other gas fees?
Is Selfient Secure?
Are there extra security measures suggested by Selfient?
What chain is utilized by Selfient for the contract?
What currencies can I use for payments on Selfient?
What crypto wallets are compatible with Selfient?
Is Selfient only for the Web3 industry?
Is Selfient accepting partnership inquiries?
What happens if a dispute arises between the selling party and a buyer?
Is there a cap on the total size of a deal I can undertake?
How has Selfient reduced Gas costs associated with the blockchain?
How does the Contract Management Dashboard work?
In what programming language are the Selfient smart contracts written, and why is it significant?
How can I refine my contracts before deploying them on-chain?
What is the guarantee of contract immutability, and why is it crucial for trust and security?
How do your payment mechanisms work, and how do they eliminate the need for intermediaries?
What contract types do you offer?
What steps do I take to create an agreement?
What features does Selfient offer?
What is a DeFi company?
What type of crypto do I need to own in order to use Selfient?
Where can I purchase Polygon (Matic), USDC, or Ethereum?