Exciting News: Unveiling Our Revamped Website!

Hello everyone!

Selfient is pleased to announce the launch of our new website! https://www.selfient.xyz

What’s New on Selfient.xyz?:

With a big assist from the Web Design Group, Zajno, we have a site that showcases our Smart Contract capabilities and key features.

What’s next?:

1. Selfient Beta Launch/ dAPP Launch:

Recognizing the dynamic nature of the Web3 space, we’ve fine-tuned our initial release to align with evolving market trends. Our development team is actively integrating new features and protocol upgrades, ensuring the platform is optimally aligned with the fluid Web3 landscape.

2. Anticipated Features:

Stay tuned for updates on new features as we approach the launch date of the application, anticipated for early 2024.

Looking Ahead to a Bright New Year:

We’re eager to step into the New Year, armed with an upgraded platform that reflects our dedication to excellence. The finish line is in sight, and we’re almost there!

Thank you for your patience and support as we work diligently to make Selfient the best it can be. Here’s to a fantastic New Year filled with new opportunities and connections!

Warm regards,

The Selfient Team