Why Web3 Matters

The World is getting smaller every day. Even with the current chaos, there rings a sense of Freedom and a release of angst that goes with it. A sense that Democracy, or at least some form of self-determination, is winning the hearts and minds around the world. That movement is encountering friction from existing power structures, but those power structures are in trouble and Web3 ain’t going away.

Web3, or whatever you want to call this, is providing the framework for such an effort as well as many of the tools needed for a more global conversation. Conversations are essential to Freedom.

Web3 is Social. Twitter remains a hub for Web3 peeps. Discord as well. I am quite sure many other social platforms are popping up in the Web3 space and are starting to flourish. Web3 people congregate. They share their perspectives. They want to have a say in what is going on around them in the world. They are a Community. A very strong one. We should listen to them.

Web3 is New. New matters. We like new things. The Beatles were new. Once. We liked The Beatles.

When something is new it can be threatening to incumbent institutions. Never has this been more true than with Web3. That matters. Where there is a little too much smoke, there is very likely to be no fire at all, but rather a guy with a vested interest in blowing smoke and stoking fear to protect the interests of the incumbents.

Web3 has currency. Both figuratively and literally. Web3 has a ton of street cred, as they say, with the next generation of humans. To also have a Means of Exchange embedded in the Network and the resident Application layers will loom large and very powerful in coming years.

Web3 has Smart Contracts. This concept is still so new, but Smart Contracts offer the opportunity to rewrite Software Applications to support much needed Process Redesign across numerous businesses and industries.

Web3 has Wallets. Wallets are a form of a Bank, among many other things. A Bank of One. When connected with another Wallet it becomes a Bank of Two or rather Two Banks doing a deal with each other with no third party involved at all. Combined with a Cryptocurrency means of exchange and you have a new form of banking. Web3 is Defi.

Web3 is Global. The Freelancer Community will lead this charge. The ability to do international Smart Contracts that govern deals across national boundaries, combined with a globally accepted cryptocurrency allows for rapid adoption within emerging markets. Larger markets benefit from the ability to access the global talent pool and enjoy favorable compensation arbitrage. Win/Win.

Human Potential is released through activity in the global free markets. Never in the history of mankind have we been at a moment like this when the full potential of Nextgen Technology will support the achievement of the full potential of humanity. Worldwide. All at once.

No more isolated pockets. This is Global and going to spread to every village and farm.

Web 2.0 started it.

Web3 will finish the job.

And that really matters.